I was born in Belgrade, Serbia into a family of storytellers. The adults around me would recount the quietly exceptional things that had happened to them, fuelling every long highway drive with lyricism and emotion. I would sit in the back seat and internalise their narratives, transforming them into fictions of my own.

Whenever I look back on these stories, I see them as images. Images full of texture, faces, rhythm, movement and sound. As these images kept coming back and searching for a place, my life became dedicated to a very specific aim: to study and make films.

During my filmmaking MA at the London Film School, I made several short films, telling stories where the extraordinary cohabits with the everyday. I love the term moments of being which Virginia Woolf used to describe such small, curious moments when truth seems somehow illuminated. These are the moments I am collecting for my upcoming films; moments that give both Life and Cinema the quality, or hope, of eternity.


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